About the Fudgy Wudgy Man

About Us

From Margate all the way to Wildwood Crest buying ice cream off the “Fudgy Wudgy Man” has always been a tradition that brings joy to the families of the Jersey Shore.  When your kids or the kid inside you sees the Fudgy Wudgy flag a couple blocks away, or hears the echoes of “Get your Choco Taco” or “Take your tongue for a sleigh ride”, you know your day is about to get better!

Our goal is to keep these joyous feelings going even when your not at the beach. We hope when you wear our Fudgy Wudgy T-Shirts you will remember being at the shore with your family and friends and all the fun you had on your summer vacation all over again.

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We hope to expand our product line in the near future so feel free to give us feed back of any items you would like to become available to you by emailing fudgywudgyllc@gmail.com